“To Partner With Those Who Serve And Protect Our Community”

Prescott Valley Police Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We raise funds to provide non-budgeted resources for the Prescott Valley Police Department, including equipment, training, and other projects. We have special emphasis on safely-related items that help keep our officers safer or enable them to keep the people and our community safer.

Prescott Valley Police Foundation functions as a stand-alone entity independent from the Prescott Valley Police Department.

The Foundation is run by volunteers including the Board, and ALL money received goes to support our mission.

How can you help?

We accept donations at any time from corporations, businesses, organizations, churches, and individuals in any amount, large or small. Donations can be designated for a specific program (i.e. K-9, SWAT, training, etc.) or can be made as unrestricted donations for any need the Police Department has.

We also apply for grants from corporations, businesses, organizations, and government entities.
In addition, we have fundraiser events throughout the year. Businesses or individuals can help sponsor events, donate raffle/auction items, volunteer to help with the work, or purchase tickets to attend.

Some of the projects we have helped fund include:

K-9 Unit
Equipment & Supplies
Purchase dogs
Mobile Command Center
Tactical Operations
Repair and paint vehicles
Rifle racks
Trauma kits
Heavy-duty flashlights
Push bumpers
Special lights for vehicles
Training Programs



Some of our accepted donations


insight firearms donations

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