Thank you for your interest in becoming a board member for the PVPD Foundation.

By all means come to the next meeting and you can gain more info as to what we do then see if it is something you want to be involved with.

Board members are nominated to become a board member and then that would be seconded, a quick vote by existing members and TA-DA it’s final.

No one person makes that decision, it’s made by the existing board members. Mark your calendar and we all look forward to seeing you there.

Prescott Valley Police Foundation

Board Members as of January 2018

                     Chairperson:     Kay Giles                           

Vice Chair:       Diane Erickson 

            Treasurer:         Patty Schumacher         

Secretary:         Sandy Gardner 

Directors:         Marty Grossman

                        Cheryl Rolland

                        Duane Capp

                        Traci Ranic

                        Gloria Grose

                        Lora Lee Nye

                        Wylie Dougherty